amazing nature landscapes: imperfect beauty

wow odyssians!

imperfect beauty

its been too many long years since i hit the gym, but i did it tonight. and i made it personal. thats right, i worked out from home. nothing like doing sit ups the way the spartans did it. a dirt floor would have been nicer actually; as i exercised on my bedroom persian rug each vertebra of my spine rolled across our hard wood floors. argh. huff. puff. and up again. and ouch!  but i made the most of it. I even found an inconvenient hitching post for my toes underneath our bed to steady myself.  so its decided… i need to find new spot to support this new fitness habit. so i can make it an old established habit. hell, i figure if i have the stamina to blog everyday then i can most certainly work out for 10-15 minutes. the other hour ill pray that my body responds to such congenial punishments.

ok. even odie knows that you’re not supposed to work out like that wood floor, toe to bed hitch, for only 10 minutes. but i wanted to start today, so start i did. bruised spine et all. pain gain exchange accepted.

odie, who has no hair to hide his breeds obvious belly sag, wonders what the fuss is about. 6 pack? 0 pack? who cares mama. and i agree;  part of me will always agree with whatever he says. theres a profound wisdom there.

and so i look at him and i see his beauty for what it is. and hes so sure of himself as all animals are. not caring what he looks like. its a confidence i wish the human race had. maybe a canned cat food diet would help cure us of our body conscious ills?

odies beauty is unadulterated. authentic. strange. misunderstood by many. his beauty is in his belly sag. and his wrinkles. and his baldness. and his paleness. and his big ears. and odd colored eyes. in his small sharp teeth that bite like the devil and in his visible feet pads and soft pink dewclaw nubs. his beauty is in his short wiry whiskers. in the coarse white hair on the edge of his tail, and no where else.

its a strange profound beauty. and its speaks volumes.

may we all have the wisdom to embrace ourselves as we were made. im still going for that 6 pack. amen.

love o and om.


6 thoughts on “amazing nature landscapes: imperfect beauty

  1. I don’t know what I love more, the photo or the text! Your description of your beloved Odie is priceless. My Dexter is not exactly eye-catching, but his heart is so full of love that he’s almost too beautiful . To paraphrase My So-Called Life ” My eyes hurt to look at him, he’s too beautiful.”
    Blog on!!

    • thanks thanks and thanks linda!
      i almost woke odie to tell him that his strange beauty is understood by a fellow blogger hes never met in person, but hes sleeping so soundly right now. ill tell him tomorrow.
      its hard to believe but many times when ive shown pics of odie to people they say to me (and think they are being polite) “hes wierd. hes ugly”. they really just say that to me. point blank. the nerve!
      i love odie as much as you love your dex. i know his beauty just as i know the world is round. so that no matter what they say their words have no real power. i just figure hes as much green stripped and hairy as he is ugly. not a chance on either! so i ignore them, after letting the thought of a giving them a few quick slaps to the face in defense of my only son cross my mind as quick as it arises.
      i love the quote you shared. its true beyond words. we are glad to hear that dexter has that special place in your heart. people that only understand perfect beauty are scared to love, and are missing the whole point of what beauty means i think. glad to hear you are among the enlightened.
      nite nite & please give our best to dex!

  2. Wow, cool to see Sindy here as well. Thank you guys for the follow and glowing response to my comment. I am learning more about the beauty of imperfection on a moment by moment basis. I did give Dexter your best. I bet Dex and Odie would enjoy a play date if we lived nearby. Dexter is very friendly to all, except squirrels!



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