Volcano lightning landscapes: meanwhile in Japan..

Dearest odyssians,


just a boring saturday night here..meanwhile in Japan…
(Odies not sure when this is from. And I have to admit I have no idea either. And then we both have to admit we love that Phenomenon known by its street name: “volcanic thunder lightning”. a real corneal dazzler. Enjoy.

♡ o and om


7 thoughts on “Volcano lightning landscapes: meanwhile in Japan..

    • Hi. Youre totally right about its appeal! & Odie does like his Sci.fi, almost as much as he likes cat treats, bourbon (top shelf), back rubs, spotless litter pans, heating pads (lowest setting), cheddar cheese, and playing tag (he always wins because he fits under the bed. I should disqualify him.for that, shouldn’t I?). Thanks for vising and we hope to hear from you again soon ;)

  1. Thanks for your latest comment ! For some reason I can’t comment on your comment via your comment (this sound so silly) but it is true. Anyway, thanks and love to you and odie !


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