Amazing animal photos: soopur kat fantsstikk

Deer rest Odie see uns,


Hi  ey vree wun,
Mye momma had too muc werk ta do so iye aym dooing arr blogg toonite. Ey lyke kats!
Happ ee munday,
Luv Odie
Pee ess. Myy mommah did tha spel chek!

♡ o and om


11 thoughts on “Amazing animal photos: soopur kat fantsstikk

    • hi sydney,
      this is def a photoshopped compilation. however odie doesnt know the program and i only have pics of him.. and hes hairless. :) this was a gem of a find from the online world.
      thanks for stopping by :)

    • what does aunt sindy say about it this bad behavior??
      when i saw the pic i noticed it was a waist up shot so i didn’t scold him. but now that you point it out i see they are all shirtless…. so maybe i should say something to odie about appropriate ways to blogging. either way it was his spelling that bothered me. and then he tried to pin it on… of all people!!?? the greatest speller ever to post on wordpress. the nerve. i made him play fetch and enjoy lots of snuggles and hugs from his momma because of it. some how i have a feeling he’ll blog again, and soon. even worse spelling next time. bring eyedrops.


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