beautiful nature landscapes: tracks in the snow set

dearest odyssians,

tracks in the snowset

its bitterly cold in this midwestern town by the lake that we’ll call “springfield”. i bit my tongue and cursed the heavens silently as the real feel (registered trademarked copyrighted etc) wind burned my face and the thermometer slapped me with an 8 degrees Celsius read out. holy cat sh**t that cold for march. isnt the first day of spring tomm? wtf??

cant we send all this cold and ice where the world needs it? up north and way down south?  not right here in the middle. i shouldnt complain about the cold. soon it will be like the amazon in Minnesota. malaria and dengue abound.

just an fyi: i didn’t swear to the heavens that loudly as i  didn’t want to offend the spirits in the sky. def a few folks up there that you dont want to be on their s”hit” list. just ask the cast of every greek tragedy/creation myth gone wrong.

ok all, i gotta run. tired tired tired. i feel like the world is turning at an incredible rate and i can barely hold on. have i signed on for too much responsibility. or am i just so reluctant to leave home for even the smallest tasks that steppin out is like steppin on hot coals. feels liket he proverbial bamboo shoots are being pressed under my fingernails when its time to run to the market for more ramen and cheap cake.

i need a kiss and a hug from odysseus to snap me out of this “im overwhelmed” feeling. he def knows how to keep things in perspective. “as long has you have fresh water, some kitty treats, and dont miss the pan, its a good day momma!” says odie… hes my little bald genius.

ill try to remember that when i hit the panic button tomm.

hugs, love, and wishing for a pause button to press that could freeze the world around us for a week without consequence. so we could cuddle and snuggle and watch more movies.

O & OM.


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