amazing nature landscapes: illustrious

dearest odyssians,

This weekend was rum free for the rum drinking pirate twins (no lime please sir). That means our ability to pick out more of the worlds wondrous nature pics from the millions of available nature pics to share with you was done with 20/20 vision. Sometimes landscapes are so beautiful, so breathtakingly wondrous in their balance, light elements, color and context, that odie and i can hardly believe they are real.

sands of time by inga nielsen

and sometimes they arent real. we have to give a huge round of applause to an amazing cgi artist names inga nielsen. she has her own gallery called Gate to Nowhere. Ill be including more of her pics soon. shes a true talent in the world of computerized art. odie and i wish we had such skills at the keyboard/mouse. we are working on it.

love and hugs and more hugs,

O & his faithful servant/mom OM



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