beautiful nature landscapes: earth’s reflection

dearest odyssians,

earths reflection

i hope everyone is doing well this weekend. are ya’ll enjoying yourselves? are ya’ll enjoying this picture? isnt it simply divine? odie helped me find it. while he was sleeping.  no kidding. he can blog with no opposable thumbs,  less than perfect eyesight (ive never seen someone run into so many walls/chair legs, etc- the breed is known for being clumsy), and blog while he’s sleeping. i take no credit for his blogger skills ok. maybe some.

i must say again that I love hearing for you, my blog friends, and seeing what pictures you like and what responses they elicit. many times you are able to express how the photos make you/me feel better than i ever could. and i appreciate that about your comments and responses. you really keep me blogging. i also have to give a thank you to a special blogger that reached out to me in the real world and let me know that though i was feeling down, it was prob that time of the season and everything was going to be ok. i do feel better.

im sending happiness to those who feel a little blue (except for blue butterflies who enjoys her blueness immensely,.I mean colorwise of course), calmness to those feeling a little anxious, snow/cold to my girl down in texas who asked for it- you know who you are :), hugs to the lonely, pats on the back to the brave, truth serum to the shy, muses of their choice to the artists,  and well wishes to those feeling less than 100%- get well soon.

together we can do this!

love o and om


7 thoughts on “beautiful nature landscapes: earth’s reflection

  1. Dear O, ( can i ask your name?)
    loved the pic so much, I made it my wallpaper on my laptop. Hope its ok, I know my laptop is pleased! Your artistry is so captivating, or perhaps cat- ivating?

    peace, Linda and Dexter

    • hi linda and dex,
      we are officially known as Odie Mama and Odysseus on paper. (OM is short of odie mama. Its me thats doing the majority of the writing, and O stands for Odysseus – aka odie. He’s the family the rascal in charge of the visuals and overall layout and spellcheck. Guess that was one job too many for him.) together we are the rum drinking pirate twins. hold the lime. I call myself OM as Odysseus is my cat’s real name. I wanted this blog to be a kind of an “art speaking for itself/cat speaking for himself” type deal, therefore I left it free of names. However, I can reveal that my real name is a normal everyday biblical woman’s name. Thats as much as we are telling. :)


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