amazing cgi landscapes: non reality hits

dearest odyssians,

fitlos by inga nielsen

our hard work continues, but we will be sure to smell the roses along the way. and the galactic decadence. and space thruster after burn.. if only.

this drawing is another cgi masterpiece by inga nielsen. odie and i just love her work. there are def times we would love to take a detour from planet earth and  visit some outer lying scapes. with the proper protective gear and freeze dried rum and cokes minus the simulated lime.  compliments of the cruise worthy pollution free element 115 which doesnt exist and those space ships that create their own gravity vortex (that also dont exist). if odie could wink, would he?

alright. gotta sleep. long days and nights in the belly of the creative beast and still feeling like im missing something because im not doing my completely creative/non paying work as much as i should. if done well, it will pay in long run.

love and hugs,

O and OM



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