beautiful unique nature landscapes: oceana

dearest odyssians,


odie and i have hit the motherload of blog munitions; enough beautiful nature landscapes to fuel eyesofodysseus into the next century. this is good news for all of us. i wont go bald as i nervously search the matrix for suitable pics and you wont die of boredom when you visit us. what more could a team of bloggers ask for?  na da. somewhere a world away the weather is amazing and the ocean waters are casting beautiful currents over lovely rocks (like in this pic seen here).

also, somewhere in an alternate universe i go to bed on time/when im tired and rise early. whatever’s going on in that alternate dimension must be strange indeed for me to be so normal.

alrighty then,  we are wrapping this blog up early and pulling up the comforter over our tired bodies.. hell. odies already asleep. maybe we’ll get up early tomorrow. just maybe… just maybe not is what we mean.


o and om.

ps. odie and i survived a less than enthusiastic tarot reading. (well just OM) I wish odie had been there. he wasnt. OM faced the deck alone. Somehow when OM got up from that table she was frowning. the reading wasnt all bad, but the bad points were enough to color my mood black for the day. i felt a sullen sort of heaviness about me as the hours of my saturday carried on.  i really wish i hadnt gone. hadnt listened. i cant dismiss everything because i didnt like what i heard – so why not simply  dismiss it on the grounds that its tarot? yeah. wish i could do that as well.

ill feel better about it tomorrow. at least im old enough to now assess unpleasant matters over the course of a few days instead of mauling them and running them off the ranch the minute they present themselves.

lets see what i make manifest.


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