beautiful unique nature landscapes: stepping stones

dearest odyssians,

stepping stoneslife is a journey which requires balancing on stepping stones, pushing off from them, and landing on the next appropriate stones with an adroitness unique to each of us. but first, those stepping stones that serve us well must be recognized. if only they were laid out in a neat row like the stones in this pic here, with a handy guidebook with cute little x’s to mark the good spots. if only they were as smooth, no jagged edges to derail our life’s progress. true stepping stones come in all shapes and varieties, like candy at a new york kiosk. no stepping stone serves the same individual in the same way twice. this truly means we must chose ,follow, and create our own paths. destinations may be similar, but there has never been an identical manner in which they are reached.

file this under rocks for thought…

love O & OM.

happy sunday.



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