beautiful unique landscapes: real(ms of) dreams

dearest odyssians,

is this the dream?
or is this the dream? Or are both..

it looks like the dead of winter has broken; spring has really hit, and with it a kind of energizing movement that is propelling all sorts of positive actions. im also getting a full 8 hours of sleep and that puts odie mama right where she needs to be. happy land. not cold. not tired. just rested and cozy. who said odie and i arent like twins? happier when in comfort, needing more sleep than the average man/bear (but not cat), and bald/hair laden in all the right places.this week has been shaping up rather positively. hell, hope im not jumping the gun and saying that too early, its only tuesday after all. but the rest of the days this week are lined up with a lot of full creative activities that should ensure positive results.

speaking of sleep and sleeping and dreaming: i must love to dream as much as i do because my spirit is so free in the dream world. to me dreaming is just as important as being awake. so many interesting adventures are tackled in dreamland. so many emotions and scenarios are safely explored in that realm too. i reckon my soul is closer to the ether of the unseen when im  in the land of nod. no earthly distractions to derail pure consciousness while you are at the other end of the matrix. isnt this opposite end of what we wakingly recognize as reality, the place where all souls go in their truest/post mortem state? Odie says yes. He had to read that awkward sentence a couple of times to.get it, but he did say yes.

even my zaniest dreams, like the one where i was battling 3 tremendous great whites from a small step bridge in san fran while washing my suitcase/travel clothes barehanded in the bay’s water and skillfully avoided having my limbs torn off by those sharks with timed hand movements, even that dream must have relevance in this part of the matrix, right??. i admit that i dont  have any friggin idea what that relevance could be, nor does odie,  but you dont have full tilt full color full action dreams like that just because you didnt drink enough water at bedtime. or do you?

tonights big question:

which is the realm of dreams and what is the realm of reality.  that waking illusion or the sleeping dream? who’s to say that we havent confused the two? who’s to say both realms are not fantastical surreal matrix mind tricks to keep us busy until we have shed this mortal coil. what does it mean to be mortal?

ok.. im rambling. and typing while in full recline with half closed eyes is making for quite a strange blog tonite. heres to hoping its legible and makes some sense..

love O & his dream buddy, OM

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