beautiful lightning cloud images: the color of the storm

dearest odyssians,

lightning cloud color

its raining dogs and dogs (odie knows it could never rain cats) here in our small carved out corner of the midwest. but we are ok with the spring storm. actually only odie mama is ok with all the loud clashes and bright flashes being forced by zeus’ almight hands from the sky.

odie usually bolts for cover (that cant be the right word, but somehow it is ) when he hears loud booms of thunder. today hes here with me as we blog bedside. that being said, though he is on the bed instead of under it, i dont think hell sleep well tonight even so. im still proud of him because he’s managing his fear far better than when i first brought him here from new york.  when that first clash of lighting hit the night of the first major storm  i didnt see odie for an hour. he was that scared!

on a blog related note, the storm allows us to post a really cool pic we’ve been holding in our  personal matrix database for awhile. its all about timing. thats one hell of  a storm pic by the way. if i saw something like that id grab odie and hide way underground like a mole… hoping we wouldnt be torn away and cast as fish food to the flying monkeys in the land of oz. theres enough bat sh*t crazy here on earth to keep us more than busy – we dont need any damn spectacular  tornados blowing through here..

hugs and hugs. stay dry and warm where ever you are.

love O and his


4 thoughts on “beautiful lightning cloud images: the color of the storm

  1. I <3 thunderstorms, we have a fantastic one going on right now. I'm not as fond of tornadoes… wouldn't mind having a chat with the Wizard though. Speaking of The Wizard of Oz, what are your thoughts on the new movie? I think it looks like visual eye candy, but the original movie gave me horrible nightmares when I was little…

    • hi lux,
      i liked the new movie. i saw it in three dee which i think added to my experience. that being said, there were some strange “storyline will force viewers to have these emotional responses like sympathy and surprise” in some parts… not sure now best to explain that but hope that makes sense. Overall it was good. i think you should see it. if not in theatre, on dee vee dee.
      nothing nightmarish about this one except for some of the acting from the munchkins. all in all a very palatable modern kids movie soft-balled towards adults with the requisite adult inuendo joke every hour.
      odie gives is a 3.5/5 or three purrs and a dew claw.. OM agrees.
      let us know what you think when you do see it…

  2. OMG you make me laugh! I love thunder and lightning, we had some good ones in Louisiana, now in Arizona I get dust storms, yea! Not~ lol But Az still has it over La.

    Give little odie a kiss from his Auntie Sindy

    • hi blue,
      glad we made you laugh. but whats all this about dust storms?? odies never seen one. and im curious as well.
      on another note, odie wants little d to be in his newly forming rock band. see the “dear reader” comments for more details.
      no audition necessary. hes taking little d’s xylophone and pan flute playing on good faith.
      hugs and hugs from us both…


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