beautiful unique landscapes: surf and super turf (thats the star trek way)

dearest odyssians,

heres a little pic odie wanted to call surf and super turf. i agreed without any fuss. there are lots of interesting colors going on here. odie mama has always had an unusual but healthy fascination with things that grow at ground level- like moss and lichen… i think its because when you look closely you can see that all those small micro plants hold a micro universe in their delicate beauty. reminds me of the possibilities that our planet and our lives hold. too esoteric a muse? naw….no way.

Engage Flip Mode

its been a busy week here in the matrix. plenty to do. not in an aggravating/tiring sense because all of the work has been fulfilling.. more in a because my mind has been busy mind now my mind is tired sense. i also did a good deal of writing, but this time I allowed my dialogue to flow free. didn’t clip any wings in my characters speeches. be what it may, and be what they say about Tarantino, that wild card of an *******  can write incredible screenplays. dynamic dialogue. unusual scenarios. strange dialects. weird metaphors. every word is essential. nothing extra. we call that the precise concise one two punch. its the only way to write a movie. should i mention now that he had help/a cowriter. yeah. lets go there.

but whats the use in doing so? i guess i can sit and kvetch and wonder about how great it would be to having a writing partner, who unlike my dear cat odie, can type and offer up ideas, and rehearse dialogue with me. o fiddle dee dee and pity me. no. nevermind all that.  ill be fine. i think…

gotta run. so much to do. so little time. and most pressingly, odie and i have lots of star trek the next generation to watch. only midway through season 3. deana troy (who has a speech impediment/sounds like shes chewing on a wet rag hidden under her tongue when she speaks) is about to bone some good looking guy with dashing blue eyes while the enterprise is parked near an expanding and contracting worm hole. i hope that sentence didnt give you guys too many filthy idea. ok. just a few :)

 hey, its your freaky mind, and odies… not mine that took us down this road.

so here we are. together. shall we? lets…

why did they give the crew people such tight fitting jumpsuits. i know theres a weird correlation between sci fi and taboo sex (alien sex, s and m, etc) thats explored in tv shows like farscape and movies like, well icant think of a movie right now… or maybe i can, cherry 2000 anyone? hows that for whoa factor – I/OM just veered way out on an exposed topic limb here, but let me work through this…with all this weirdo taboo etc in sci fi,  i wonder if STTNG worked in the titillation element needed to draw vieweres by putting everyone in tight suits so you could see what everyone was working with. how human.

no one in real life on any space race mission would dress like that. nobody. Yet they put everyone in these suits. ugh. in one episode in season two (you trekkies know full well who im talking about) the guest star guy had massive man tits- planetary man tits.  he put deana troy and beverly crushers ample bosoms on blast.

“for gods sake, transport our sight away, raise the shields, turn off the big screen on the deck, and end program on the holodeck…” i thought as i shielded odies eyes from such anatomical horrors…. couldn’t they have made a less fitted wardrobe exception for this guy?? how to explain to odie how a 6’3″ dude clocking in at a good 225lbs had mammaries worthy of underwire support? lets just go ahead while we are here and mention that  to me theres not anyone attractive enough on the whole next generation ship to warrant the 80%lycra 20%cotton blend anyhow…. bald ass picard should be revealed through recitation of Shakespeare’s sonnets alone. ladies? can i get an amen. and gents? how did you feel watching bold men take the universe one random _____*** at a time?

also, why the top officers on board take all the lethal missions and risk their high priority lives to head all the away teams for a crew of how many thousands while wearing these really tight jumpsuits??? is just asinine. yeah. well we know it works for t.v., but hey, we also know its beyond unrealistic. it would be interesting to have a sci fi series where theres a separate military wing used for all ground missions. that military branch  then battles with the civilian and executive entities aboard the ship. there would be three powerful people heading each in constant battle. i bet theres a show like that that came out in the 50s… that i missed somewhere along the way. so lets just say bravo to them now for creating amore realistic depiction of space life.

ok. im done for tonite..

love and hugs and crisp concise exciting dialogue to all,

O and OM

*** redacted for your pleasure.


10 thoughts on “beautiful unique landscapes: surf and super turf (thats the star trek way)

    • you mean the big man upstairs?
      yes… i see. he started me on the journey. would love to sit down with hiim at a coffee shop, share a white mocha latte and shoot the script…. in person.
      but i see what you mean, and im grateful for my muses… i do thank him and tell him that.

  1. Odie, and milady Odie Mama,

    As part of being nominated for the Very Inspiring Blog Award, which elliebloo, ( whose site is at: ) honored me with, I am to nominate 15 blogs that inspire me… Yours is one of those blogs, and has been ever since I first came to read your work…. Thanks for being part of the WP family, and for all the inspiring work I read here….. You can find your nomination, and the rules for acceptance, here:

    ~~ gigoid, the dubious….. :lol:


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