beautiful nature landscapes: lunar/solar perfect

dearest odyssians,

we hope you are all well and safe as another night under our brilliant, pale moon passes.


O and OM


10 thoughts on “beautiful nature landscapes: lunar/solar perfect

  1. your posts are a wonderful part of my routine as they provide comfort and contemplation. We are safe and I feel sad that we are not all safe. Perhaps we move a step closer to that reality as violent acts help catalyze a critical mass of peace.

    • yes linda. a great heaviness upon our hearts as well. sadly we are not prepared for the amount of ____ that would result in critical mass peace. Even after a lifetime of terrible events that threshold stands at a great distance – as evidenced by the caca that has riddled this planet for a dozen plus millennia and left us no better mortals. we are lost now more than ever it seems. the pre and post realities of such proposed histories are both disheartening scenarios in this version of the matrix.
      Always glad to have your thoughtful input. chin up linda lite for we have to blessed to live and to ____ and think another day.

  2. odie just pointed out the “solar” character of this pic, rather than lunar. but something about this first spake moon to me.. did it not to you as well? for now odie and i have shaken paw and hand and agreed to see the beautiful possibility in this pic representing both night and day…. twice as spectacular and meaningful.

  3. of course a gemini would point out the duality lol!
    perhaps it is just a metaphor for light emanating from the feminine moon / masculine sun yin/yang, 2 become 1, after all the sun and moon are always doing something , it s just not always visible to our limited senses. this is me rambling when I ought to be sleeping – nite to o and om


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