Beautiful unique sunsets: beautiful dualities – water and earth

Dearest odyssians,


life is about beautiful dualities. Sometimes we can feel torn or divided by different interests, goals, activites that engage us. Odie and I often times do.
where do your two spectrum points lie? Are they a breaths length away, or divided by eternity? How does the distance between your two goals strengthen and weaken you? How does the.distance between the points,vary, at given times. How do the two points youve chosen for your focii define your beautiful existence? What would it mean for you to embrace both spectrum points equally?

blessed be you all ;) happy thursday

♡ o and om

6 thoughts on “Beautiful unique sunsets: beautiful dualities – water and earth

  1. I dig that you are posing questions lately. Blissful picture too.

    With a moon in Gemini there is perpetual multiplicity, yet alone duality. Lately its about productivity and play. Both words begin with p and end with y. So perhaps the resolution is productive play, playful production, and to pray for support. Pray is another p – y word. cool eh?

    Would you come visit and add your wisdom to the mix at my blog? Lately there is a lag in responses to my Gemini queries. See if there are any topics that suit you are o’s fancy. Dexter just tossed a toy to Odie but said its a loaner :)


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