awesome cat pics: odie – my sun worshipping sphinx/sphynx

dearest odyssians,

here is my cute little tiger lamb monkey baby in full illumination. odie in all of his sun worshipping regalia somehow let me capture this unique pic of him. he never stays put for too long;  an in focus gem of a pic like this one  is a hard fought for rarity. hellcats! odie mama even got this sucker in close up. hows that for skills.

odies fave season, summer ( the way i b****ed about winter ya’ll know its mine too), is fast approaching, and he can hardly wait. Hes already skilled at running to different windows/floors/chairs as the sun traverses the sky, making sure to keep himself at full roast wherever the sun shines in. its one of mommy’s job to make sure he doesnt get sunburn and sun rash ***. i hate to deny him the rays because he loves them so, but his skin cant handle long exposure. i tend to let him sun in the morning.. and then if i remember/find him i can keep him sun free by afternoon. he often evades me. hes a sly one.

**mommys other jobs include: accurate blog transcriber, entertainment executive, cat pan toilet titan, ever so gentle rear end cleaner, full time discretion officer, very active treat dispenser (though he would have them totally un-rationed if he could), underarm bathing manager, under leg bathing manager, under chin washcloth wrangler, eye booger bombadier, faithful keeper of the well trimmed claw, inner ear attendant, nose nuzzler, kiss provider, hug hustler, blanket maintainer and cover fluffer, back neck and hard to reach place scratcher, food server, water bowl upkeeper.

phew. i think that covers the basics. though he does want everyone to know his mommy is as happy to do this things for him as he is to receive such services.

whats odies expression in this pic? im curious. i was there. i took the photo. and i still dont know.  suggestions welcome.

hugs and hugs..

and may the sun shine safely on you tomorrow.

love O & OM


11 thoughts on “awesome cat pics: odie – my sun worshipping sphinx/sphynx

    • i think that was my expression too. can i just say one more time how enamored i am with his appearance. i know i know. i sound like a parent that keeps putting up pics of her baby on Face(hole)book that people smile and nod politely about, but i cant help myself. really. i cant….

    • thanks fuge. it was odies idea. he framed it. made sure i had the right light for him.. right through his eyeball. and then he approved the final cut.
      no retouching necessary!
      happy sat.

    • linda lite!
      how goes it for you this weekend?
      odie loves the attention and the praise. as do i. it takes a special eye to see the beauty in such an unusual species :)
      give dex a hug for us.
      happy saturday to both of you
      -o and om

      • hey om and o,
        we all benefit from being seen for our beauty and light. Today is glorious, the weather is gorgeous yet I feel a bit fatigued. I just hugged dex and he is purring with glee :) Please give odie a squeeze for us (dex loves it when I gently squeeze him) and hoping you both are chillin’

        peace out x


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