Beautiful nature landscapes : mixed emotions

Dearest odyssians,


Today left us with mixed emotions. Not sure if the days events warranted such a range of responses from me. Wish that I took life less seriously at such times, but how does doing so seem at all realistic, considering how real all this shit is. Mistakes here result in permanent game overs.. No reset button from this side of the matrix.
Only on paper am I truly free. Well that’s not True either. Only in ______ shall.u be free…
Fill in your blank as it best suits u.
o and om


2 thoughts on “Beautiful nature landscapes : mixed emotions

    • hi rabirius!!!
      glad you liked this one. something about the reflection gives it such an mystery, doesnt it? and an atmosphere… as you mentioned.
      happy sunday and hugs from o and om (the thai iced tea drinking pirate twins)


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