beautiful nature landscapes: lighthouse for life (hold fast!)

dearest odyssians,

hold fast odyssians! stand tall! in the face off all that attempts to distract you. to crumble your resolve. to weaken your foundation. be it waves from the outside beating upon your mortal bastions or pernicious doubt eroding piece by piece of your interior,  hold fast! your iron will shall brace you and shall see you though.  your iron will shall guide you to a day without storm. strenghten that will as it strenghtens you!  know that they would not have thrown you in the deep end, no lifeguard on duty, if there werent ways for you to win. remember this and smile. as the roar of the storm shakes you. and the thunder of blackened skies rumbles in your ears, making false threats. these are no more than tactics of fear.  you shall not be deterred. you shall not be felled.

love always,

odie and odie mama.



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