beautiful nature landscapes: woodland waterfall

dearest odyssians,

these days, at home. alone. with the cat. have been some of the most enjoyable. the quiet has become a priviledge that i might not be able to part with anytime soon. a warm safe coccoon that finds me sheltered in refreshing ways. yet even here, the work of a lifetime continues; writing the dialogue for my screenplay.

still, in this self made sanctuary, there are challenges to be faced. and conquered. thats complete living.

if we werent here. we’d be here (as in ‘here in the picture shown above’. ) lying out. on biodegradable plastic lined blankets***. immune to the dampness of the moss. just soaking in the rushing woosh of the woodland waterfall nearby that we let our hiking boots and fur covered paws dip into.  only the sounds of a rustling in the trees made by one of miracle’s unseen creatures might break our meditation. or the call of an unknown bird. and odies head would swivel around like a keen owl’s..

ahh. the thought alone comforts me. odies already deep into his 8-12 nighttime nap, perhaps dreaming of this setting, his comfort already complete.

btw. just realized i turned off spellcheck. about a week ago. hope no one has seen a difference between how poor odies spellcheck was before and the work we’ve done completely unmonitored since. ha :) we haven’t notice.. til now. alas.

**we would not leave the blankets there to degrade. just mentioning how we’d be as nature friendly as possible on our visit.

alright. goodnite. and hugs. to a serene friday,

o and om.


4 thoughts on “beautiful nature landscapes: woodland waterfall

  1. you can weave a tale with such finesse …………….

    regarding spellcheck, maybe odie temporarily transported you to the otherwordy galaxy of which I mentioned of late.

    as a once youthful wannabe screenwriter, I salute your efforts and support your mastery of the human/feline condition in cinematic splendour

    peace out, dex and the midnight runners , or should we say, Too Rye Ay

    • hi lite and dex,
      im curious. well both odie and i are curious. hopefully thats compels you to answer! what was the screenplay about? any why did you stop writing it?
      love the midnight runners dexy reference… funny!
      theres a cat in our screenplay. there always is a cat in all of our works. as a dedication we suppose. and a calling card.
      glad you like the tales and the tails.
      o and om.

      • Hi guys,

        I never wrote a screenplay, just fantasized about writing one because I love film and have a knack for plot and dialogue. glad curiosity doesn’t actually kill any cats ( or anyone else for that matter)

        peace out, linda and dexy


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