reflection nature landscape photos: monumental reflections

dearest odyssians,


please enjoy this beautiful nature landscape we are calling “monumental reflections”.

back to this side of my distorted matrix: the screenplay has been giving me the traditional fits bouts terrors tremors and delusions (grandeur free, sadly). i feel like the bookends of the work are amazing. the opening is a neck snapping fast paced dripping in dark sadism house music bonanza splashed over everything rabble rousing and eye searingly brilliant. the end is the culmination of the characters labors and trials. fully justified. poignant. an emotional melee for the masses. but! but!! and what i love the most about it… the ending ive created has never been done before-in all of the action world kingdom odie and i have ever witnessed-this is a feat indeed.

unfortunately, none of that matters. the centers solid but not great and right now only stands as a tent pole holding up the sagging sections to its left and right. sh*t.

Those pre and post mid areas feel hallow, vapid, empty. pointless. devoid of spice. depressingly irrelevant.  what to fill them with? this unanswered question haunts me.

scripts are all about action. and my action movie is all about ACTION. that means characters should kick ass and take names without saying much. but my characters are highly intellectual and like to talk. the balancing act between discussion and action was on my back from the beginning.  i have to step it up big time if i want to bbq at the rodeo with this bad boy.

what we are certain of (though even this might change) the mood of the piece we are gunning for(in order for it to be great) has to be david lynch meets jackie chan meets ridley scott meets a cliff martinez soundtrack showstopper. the dialogue is fast paced. but right now/as is its probably too meaty for the movies.

lines like

“machiavelli warned everybody over 13. if youre not bringing guns to the party, stay the fu*k at home.

well we’re coming to the party, fully equipped.  Rock and roll. Lock and load. Bi*ches, its show time.”

i might need to finesse things a bit before i hit the share button. but we arent going more demure. thats for sure…
my singular goal: write all the scenes straight from the hip. stitch them together like frankensteins nightmare. cut through them with a chainsaw. Restitch. Stand up. Set on stun. and voila. mystery masterpiece shoot em up theatre. an homage to justice on my terms.
alright odyssians,
O and OM.

2 thoughts on “reflection nature landscape photos: monumental reflections

  1. Ever hear of Pulp Fiction? of course you have :) Seems like you have some of the same sensibilities here!

    keep on keepin’ on, letting the creative process do its thing, resist the temptation of straining when mental constipation sets in. just eat some fiber and hydrate!

    love from linda and dex

    • hi L and D,
      yes. it should have a pulp fiction for the new millennium feel. glad my post came across clearly. im hydrating. and enough fiber for the mind. just need to feed myself so ive got some more “material”
      happy tuesday :)


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