Amazing cloud nature landscapes: ethereal cloud beauty

Dearest odyssians,


Daily reflection month continues. Our question today:how did we get here?
Again, we are taking stock… Not in a depressing way though, we promise.. ;)
Hugs! And goodnite.


4 thoughts on “Amazing cloud nature landscapes: ethereal cloud beauty

    • hi linda…
      wasnt really blog present in the last few days. and when you blog from your phone you miss alot… and when you blog from your phone you encounter a lot of tech snafus. but we are back online. finally. the doors to the matrix have been reopened and we can respond to your comments.
      we love dex. and we are glad you were able to crack your phones codes to get him up. hey.. just tried to find the dex page and it says it no longer exists…?? help us out. so we can do the cover art. we clicked the link and nada :(
      we came into the world on the 25th. we are real subtle about this as this was an “anonymous” blog.. but we’d love to hear what kind of astral predictions you can tell us about.
      hope you are well. hope i didnt get back to you too late… can you repost the dexter page again?
      and happy thursday linda lite!!!

      • hi o and om,
        sorry about the mix up, I figured you’d see him on my blog. I took the other pic down because it got messed up in editing.

        would you believe me if I told you I guessed you were born bet 5/24 and 5/26? I respect your privacy which is why I did not ask for the year you were born. I would be happy to share some astro gems with you but it won’t be on this page.

        My public email is on my gravatar. shoot me a line and we’ll chat : )

      • hi linda.
        we will definitely be mailing you off line…
        and now to delete these comments from the blogosphere.
        look forward to talking to you via email. thanks for the address…. well prob get to it tomorrow because we still have yet to post tonites blog! dear me…


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