beautiful nature reflection landscapes: reflections under our moon

dearest odyssians,

most everything we see in the matrix is from light reflected off of objects in our world… hows that for interesting???

reflections under the moon

in regards to the other sources of light in our universe.. how do you generate your own light that is visible in the matrix? in what ways does your energy shine upon others? how do you make sure that  your inner light is being honored and that you are letting others in the world see it?

have a wonderful day, night…and let your inner light shine bright always.

happy friday,


O and OM


5 thoughts on “beautiful nature reflection landscapes: reflections under our moon

    • hi renard,
      glad to hear you are smiling. wouldnt it be great to have a little canoe/kayak trip with all of our wordpress friends out on that lake. wed stop off to the side, build a campfire and cook a dinner of (gluten diary msg and mercury free) mac and cheese and sing 70s classic rock hits. odie says…”bring it on” but he wants his mac n cheese original style. thats my boy!

  1. [ Smiles ] Sounds like a plan. Do you think that we would have enough food for all of our WordPress friends? I have a pretty large following!

    • true true. i guess just our closest bloggers would in the boats and thats still a lot of people. so i can see several boats, several campfires, and lots of tents for humans and their beloved pets/blog inspirers would be needed. :)

      • [ Laughs ] Yes, I am with you on that one and don’t forget to invite our close and very good friend, Sindy.


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