nature landscapes and life reflections: storms on the right (hold on forever)

dearest odyssians,

yesterdays post had a lone bird in the shadow.. todays has 2… can you see them? will tomm. have three? im on the search already to see if this feat can be achieved.

we hope you had a wonderful mothers day. we took odie grandma to a lunch, and though we tried to appease her with tasty food at the restaurant of her choice we dont think she liked it very much. actually, we know she didnt like it very much. as she told us. she even complained about the size of the portion on my plate (though id made no mention of it). sad face. we did our best (and those are the times we hate coming up short the most). perhaps we will pull off more hit and less miss next year. perhaps. (long pause)

having left the lunch in heavier spirits i retreated to my castle room in the sky and made good work of a complete outline for the screenplay. whats interesting about having an outline is I visualize it as a literary skeleton upon which i will lay the meat and the soul through my words. the completed scenes are  flesh upon the bones i can already be happy about. now that the grandness of the project is in a more visually relatable state i hope it will be easier to attack the most difficult scenes. i have a ravaged skeleton right now. but when fully formed i hope it will be an incredible body of work.  i must have faith in the words im choosing to use.

question 555980 in the life catalog of unanswered questions.

is it true that there are two types of the elderly; happy. and miserable? if so i can see where odie grandmas headed. and it doesnt have a smiley face on the end. also a good thing that she doesnt read my blogs… just one more thing to argue about at the end of a long day. if i didnt have the contrary person ive lived with many a year i probably wouldnt be great at writing dialogue, which is all conflict, problems, and proving points through battles amongst loved ones. sh*tty. so said the honesty brigade..

storms on the side. storms to the right of me. storms move the fight in me….but thats the plight of me… no end in sight.

goodnight to you and all your mommas!!

love odie, odie mama.


9 thoughts on “nature landscapes and life reflections: storms on the right (hold on forever)

  1. Aw :( Hasn’t anyone ever told her its the thought tat counts? And I have faith that you screenplay will be a wonderful work!

    • thanks lux. regarding the first bit; i dont think our family has ever even heard of the manta “the thought counts”. we definitely like to see results, and we like to see effort fully rewarded. sometimes i think we like to see reward exceed effort. i throw myself in with the rest of our clan. on the plus side we know how “uptight” we can be and i personally do try to relent when my inner perfection monster comes howling..
      part two; odie and i are glad you have faith. its the small things like encouragement from great wordpress blogger friends like you lux that keep us writing this blasted screenplay. we love it…
      o and om.

  2. Interesting question. Not sure about the viewpoints of the aging, but I have noticed from my previous work that when people are ill/don’t feel well they tend to be positive and accepting or negative and anxious bordering on angry. Some of the social veneer gets stripped off I think and how they view the world around them shows through? It’s (usually) easy to love your family but not like them, eh? Great post.

    • yes cam. we love odie grandma but we argue so much its hard to hit the like button after our daily rounds in the ring. i know im *50 percent responsible because i dont ignore the bait and switch tactics odie grandma is so skilled at.. i take the bait. i get angry at the switch. reset and start again… a full day involves 5 – 10 of these bouts with the occasional volcanic flareup ever week and a mt etna like meltdown once a month.
      *did i say 50? i meant *30.
      what was your previous line of work, if you dont mind sharing? i understand the troubles of people my moms age and up. getting old isnt easy. how did working with the elderly make your job great or not so fun?
      *did i say 30? i meant 20%. tops.
      p.s. i feel like i threw odie grandma from the train yesterday (deadpan comedy style) in revealing how ornery she is most of the time. now i beg for forgiveness in this public forum/matrix and want everyone to know we do love odie grandma loud and clear. we are just glad we arent locked in a tiny cell with her in the desert of no return.. and the key hasnt been thrown away.
      hugs cam,
      O and OM.

      • I’m a (retired) physician so I got to see people at their best, not so best, and at times most vulnerable moments. I actually enjoyed my interactions with my elderly patients, they just have a tendency to get sicker … than the rest of us which can be sad. Aging is hard, being young is hard, I try to appreciate what I have while I have it instead of regretting what I’ve lost or what lies ahead which is not always easy :)

      • wow cam.
        odie and i wrote a long nice response and the matrix took it from us right before hitting reply. so its lost. forever. sad face. we are choosing to write another one instead of just hitting “thanks cam” and the send button.
        funny this set back happened and weve chosen to power through it… (we werent always this way.) because i was just saying how being old and young and in the middle (like me) are hard because life constantly throws us small and large challenges – and its up to us how we face them.
        of course there are the age old caveats; how we deal with them depends on the initial environmental cards dealt us, and bio/gene/dna dealt us. and of course… the education of “preservation” that you’ve chose or happened upon/ acquired along the way.
        fate meet chance and destiny. destiny meet fortune and favor. whim meet whimsy. and so on.
        odie would love to have you as a guest blogger. then he mused this wouldnt be possible. but i came back and assured him that having such great comments from you is kind of like passing you the odyssian torch for a moment… and thereby making you a much appreciated guest blogger in our forums.
        we look forward to hearing more of your wise words…
        O and OM

      • [blush] Thanks. I definitely agree that my decrepitude middle age gives me more perspective about how much personal choice and control of my own destiny I may or may not have that I definitely didn’t appreciate during my sturm und drang 20s. We can’t control the world around us or the imps of the ether but we can determine our response to them. I always look forward to your thought-provoking posts and beautiful photos. ❤

      • cam,
        to put it best “you make us hungry”. and your blog is ravishingly delicious…
        live long and blog!
        O and OM
        oh.and we love the word decrepitude. a blade runner classic we’ll never forget…
        also. please let us know if youd like to add your doggie (the one pictured on your who what where page) to a new page we are creating called “odies friends”. its all about the wonderful animals of our blogger friends…
        just let us know and we’ll send details.
        O and OM


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