nature reflection landscape photos: zen outing

dearest odyssians,

in yesterdays post, i promised a reflection landscape with three birds and i almost delivered…

three dogs and a young monk in burma. courtesy national geographic.

for more info on this lovely pic that we got from nat geo, CLICK HERE.

(odie nudges me gently with his paw. human gets the hint)

oh yes yes yes dear me. odie mama must say ; speaking of dogs cats, ive created a new page with odies info and photos of him and him only for you all to enjoy. odie insists you check it out.. ODYSSEUS

we will be adding a page with odies animal friends soon… (linda-we got you covered)

late to bed late to rise makes odie mama not want to get up tomorrow early.. but she has to. so i cut this post short and send spirit hugs to all of you surfing the 1’s and 0’s of the matrix.

have a great today and tomorrow signing off as we sleep walk..

O and OM


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