beautiful nature reflection landscapes: skimming the surface

dearest odyssians,

more reflections from the odyssians.. to you!

im happy to announce an odyssian first (and perhaps last- as doing any other thing while we blog seems sacrilegious in a way). We are watching star trek the next generation. season 4. booyah. split screen excellence. while we blog.

Will we be able to do either well? we are about to find out. (data just flipped and took over the ship for some as yet discovered reason. roll intro credits.) lets just say its not as easy as it looks.

Sure, in the past we’ve catered to Odie’s need for constant attention by dragging his string toy around for him to chase with our lefty while setting up the blog with our right… but this is a whole new era of multitasking for us.

oh. one thing we definitely wanted to tell you… we herald good news. odie mama is back sailing on the rails again after 2 days “off the reservation and in full flip mode”. and it seems odie grandma has settled back into her role of demure mostly quiet elder retiree.  she even helped sand the walls for painting. we are all better for it.

(holy poop- data just snapped bat crap level crazy and is hijacking the ship. grab the override codes and the space suits. yall better go in there it get him)

we had quite a full day. then did some house makeover painting. not sure i like way the roller disperses the paint on the wall. wish it was smoother and less spackled when you looked close up. then i took an extended nap. 3 hours. dinner- denied myself nothing. entertainment: harry potter 1 dialed up by odie grandma… you know jk was a classics major just like me. maybe thats why HP1 was so predictable? i still thought some things about it were good despite this. but the whole film let me a lot of nit picky questions about character motivations, choices. Also-  how and why jk introduces so many “randoms” for the sake of keeping the entertainment going. her only main theme seems to be “cool shit from previous eras”. at least she was never limited in her storyline scope. i should only be so smart to

im tired odyssians. i have to get up early tomorrow. i drummed up some part time work for myself to hold me over until the song and dance money comes in.

does anyone want to purchase an unfinished screenplay? the first scene of an unfinished drama. or an 800 page handwritten novel about cats? just drop me a line…

hugs and hugs,

O and OM

we done bloggin but we still watching…


well data ended up meeting his long lost daddy dr sung down on some weirdo planet? his dads name is supposed to be like carl Jung i guess. anyhow. hes down on the planet dealing with his maniacal brother and his silly doddering over emotional “im dying soon” father… things are about to heat up to boiling. oh snap! datas “brother” just flipped…he  pretended to be data. got an emotional chip upgrade that he didnt need cuz he was already crazy.. got pissed and threw dr sung around the room and knocked him da fuck out . ok. the rest of the crew beamed down to fix everything. dr sungs alive! datas back online. now they just need to stop his jacked up twin brother “lore”… good luck!!

im done dual blogging and watching.

hope yall have a great night.


19 thoughts on “beautiful nature reflection landscapes: skimming the surface

  1. oh.. just had to add.. my internet snafud right when i was trying to post so i had to set up a hotspot frommy cell phone to publish!!! holy caca. glad we pulled that one out of our tailless rumps…
    just for you odyssians. just. for. you.
    O and OM

    • no!! dear me linda. no. we arent abandoning our baby, the screenplay. weve made the ultimate promise to ourselves that the screenplay is going to be the first public-can-read work we are finishing. the play only got as far as a first version reading.. and i hated what that resulted in. that led to the downward spiral of reconstruction and a whole change in plot. its now just a first scene and not much else… a long first scene though.
      when i started this blog i compared my life to a ships journey where i needed to find at least one dock. i guess in that sense the screenplay (which i was given heavenly notice to finish) is going to be that first permanent dock. i have no plans to abandon the work… and actually, i made a monumental breakthrough in the through-line theme of the work and it really will tie the whole piece together. the sagging middle tent themes of screenplay are lifting.. i just found the lining to do so, in essence.
      thank you for checking on me. please do so from time to time!! we dont mindn at all and actually find it encouraging….
      we cant not finish another project….but we do need to eat and shop in the meanwhile. (thus the part time job) and why we joke about raising capital by selling unfinished works quickly…
      hugs. and more hugs,
      O and OM

    • hi julianna,
      odie is staring me in the eye making sure i dont reveal too much as we have no gone through the grand process of copyright, etc.. but heres what we can reveal about the 800 pager..
      the book is an animal adventure in the vein of red wall.. all animal characters (that are more human than human). they must travel the world in order to save it. and they tell a lot of stories during the journey that comprise the majority of the book.
      a true adventure novel in every sense. i need to polish the first three chapters and get an agent…
      thats my plan after the screenplay is done.
      no going back :)
      hope you are well. whats coming up for gemini this month?

      • Cool story! You may know this, but anything you write is automatically copyrighted under the Common Copyright Laws the moment you put pen to paper/press keys on a keyboard… You can take further steps, but since computers date things it’s not legally necessary.
        Anyways, I’ll do the June tarotscope soon, once the sun moves into Gemini (after Tuesday). Have a great weekend you two!

      • hi JV!
        I love that everything is copyrighted without us having to go through lots of hoops on fire to get there…, because i really was worried that a lot of my work is still vulnerable in some way.
        Cant wait to see whats coming up for June!! You were spot on for May.
        Namaste! and thank you again for putting us a little more at ease with your knowledge and experience. we really appreciate the helpful responses.
        O and OM

  2. I recently wrote a research paper on JK, called ” Harry Potter and the Odyssey of Death” which started out as a whimsical everything Harry Potter paper and turned into how as a writer JK was a serial killer. lol


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