beautiful nature landscapes: insane color reflection! for an insane world

dearest odyssians,

insanely cool color in this reflection landscape… we likey

thank the gods! I left star trek TNG mid episode to blog and it was just in time to miss Warf doing some weird passion dance “dal lak” romance maneuver on his old half klingon/ baby mama love fling interest.  when they started to do this mutual head lock grunting eye bug out thingy I changed web pages because I really really really did not want to see the blow by blow (get your minds out of the gutter!) of that play out on my screen. that sight would have scalded what little remaining innocence i have from my eyeballs, and theyve seen a lot. Im saving that smidgen of what little naiveté remains for something… just what, odie and i have no earthy idea.

switching gears.

i just read about some alien abduction where this guy and his wife were beamed up to the saucer to “hang out with the aliens” and the wife actually lit up a cigarette on board and had to be told “dont smoke. you will pollute the space ship’s air.” by the aliens. Are you f*cking serious? her only excuse. it was 1979 and everyone smoked then. that whole mentality that even toddlers should smoke if they want to look cool went on for awhile after that. just watch a movie from the 90’s. everyones smoking. and everyone is smoking everywhere. one movie i saw people were smoking in the grocery store. in another, people were smoking in the hospital next to the guy getting oxygen for his emphysema. full tilt craziness indeed. one positive about todays society i must mention is that  im glad we’ve  cut out that nasty smoking habit as much as we have. we and the planet are better for it.

on that note… let us reflect on how insane our world is sometimes….

alrighty then.. i gotta get back to the episode. i think warf and his lady are done bumping their forehead ridges together and yelling gutteral sweet nothings to one another.  and then eventually to bed. its late already.

hugs and hugs,

O and OM


3 thoughts on “beautiful nature landscapes: insane color reflection! for an insane world

    • I’m always late to the show on great great comments. for instance, I’m just seeing this one now. as much as i don’t want to see klingons doing the horizontal i really don’t want to know they enjoyed it. and thats what lighting up a big ole fat marlboro red after bumping uglies implies. double brow ridge uggh. i will pass on that, on any planet, in any time vortex, in any part of space, on any given day. sex free hugs- o and om,


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