color art illustration: alien shanghai – color edition #1

dearest odyssians,

“shanghai surprise”
large size stunning full color prints available. please let me know if you’d like to order one. email me here:

sleep has snuck up on me quick. I’m nodding off as i write this. odies been knocked out at the foot of the bed looking ever so cute for the past few hours ignoring my creative mania that i wadded  into head first. its snare filled art matrix territory. the fear of  falling headfirst into a focus other than the screenplay (before screenplay is done) brings a supreme guilt.  and is a very real possibility considering how much i love this new art direction.

what kind of muse is driving this ship? a bat shit crazy one. that loves color.

ill admit it again. im loving this new art style ive happened upon. this is just the first print in a line of full color prints ill be offering from the alien reflection series! im already working on the next color editions of “shanghai surprise” and a handful of other prints. print size is fought 2ft by 3ft. impressive right??

feedback most welcome. just drop me a line in the comments section.


o and om





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