Nature photos: rum and sunset soaked reflections

Dear odyssians,


We.are laying off the debaucherous pirate inspired amounts of rum with a wee ‘splash o coke.for awhile. Last nites.concert was.short but great, and the the.afterbar proved amazing when my.friend and I ended up hanging with the singer and the.drummer.
Sadly, the singer was more interested in the hot piece that.was his opening act than he was in discussing his.use of synth overdubs in his earlier albums.
and who can blame him? It all seemed a bit apples and oranges anyhow.
so without further ado, I shall rest my weary.pirate bones and rise feeling more.daisy.fresh than keel hauled (like.i.was this morn). Hopefully.
With water,
O.and om.


9 thoughts on “Nature photos: rum and sunset soaked reflections

    • hi bpp,
      the music part was great! i also found out that my hearing is prob 20% less great in my right ear, and that was the side facing the monstrous sized speakers. so i only wore one earplug (in the good ole lefty). will only be deaf on one side when i hit my 80s! the younger generation shall appreciate…

    • well well well and my my my,
      thank you sparkly!!! much appreciated.
      we will be visiting your site soon to thank you again and accept the awards.
      we just might change the rules a wee lil bit…
      happy blogging and congrats on your award!
      o and om


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