poetically unexpected: another screenplay breakthrough by YT (yours truly)

dearest odyssians,water drop reflection flower petal closeup

despite candy crush saga hijacking our brains and  intellects for the last couple of days… (and a resurgence of art overloading our muse censors) odie and i managed to lay down some important dialogue/exchanges for the screenplay. odie left the harder levels to me anyhow, being the smart little sphynx he is.

sadly ive noticed i have a tendency to write one characters dialogue at a time. and in this instance its the stronger of the two characters ive dedicated most of lines two (with  the weaker giving the occasional retort).  the stronger character argues her certain points well, (argument is critical of course for the essence of screenwriting..) but its the rapid back and forth gunfire type dialogue that really needs to exist and zing on the page if theres any hope of selling and seeing these girls come to life as the “damaged intellectuals take the reigns and blast their way to justice” ive worked so hard to have them written as.

i find it strange that im only finding one characters points compelling enough to write. one character driving the evolution of the action for the moment.

when will both speak equally?

this is all due to the fact that its very clear in my mind that the stronger character is forcing the action of the script. she’s the one that decides justice can be sought. true, the second character gives the go ahead. but thats not the same thing, is it?

and thats ok. because when the weaker character takes her stand the audience will definitely feel the blow back so to speak. its all about the poetically unexpected. and she will bring the unexpected in way s that will be equal parts brain twister inducing dialogue and fast tongues and sharper wits. plus theres always the back beat of sexy deep house music “in yo face” to round out all the mental action.

in conclusion. yes, theres lots more work to be done.

but i did write myself into a compelling breakthrough tonite. originally only one of the girls has a dark past compelling her towards exacting justice. but tonite i discovered just exactly what the stronger character was hiding under the proverbial “nightie” (is that the right word?) that would lead her to want to help the weaker victim girl in the first place.

shes standing for something on her own as well.

her damage is more about drug use than it is about a sexual violation like it is for the other character. however i can see the two being intermixed/intertwined into several back episodes that exist in the creators mind and not ever on paper – for the stronger character.

in conclusion: everybodys fucked up in her own spectacular beautiful interesting way in this piece.

the back story of the girls that never makes it to the screen or to the page is just as real to me. for the characters live and breath within me. and today, i just gave them a breath of fresh air, and in a way revived them. i hadnt written in a week or so and that left me with a malingering feeling i wasnt comfortable with.

perhaps my muse is not the sit back relax write whenever you feel like youre done playing candy crush saga after all.

in conclusion: one can never let his/her characters lay dormant for too long or they cease to exist, especially me.

i think, therefore they are.

i write, therefore they exist.

BUT what does it mean to merely think a thought in this universe and not bring it forth into some form of physical existence?. the teachings of oprahs “secret” or whoever wrote the book, would say they are real nonetheless.

but seeing history and time erase most things i would say… not so fast Oprah.

tis best to write in stone inside a sealed tomb devoid of moisture and mold than to write in water…

ask keats.


o and om.


5 thoughts on “poetically unexpected: another screenplay breakthrough by YT (yours truly)

  1. Ah yes, when we were writing I was also playing Candy Crush Saga, the music cracks me up and that guys voice, “So delicious” or “Sweet” funny stuff. Also funny as in Oprah writing the overrated “Secret,” but I believe you were just being funny.

    • what level did you get to? how much $$ did you spend getting there?
      very curious to see how you did in candy crush.
      and about the secret. i was just speaking to the reality that we must create things in order for them to exist. we can just sit around and think about them. in my mind im an award winning screenwriter coming up for an oscar nod….
      the secret cant bring that to me unless i get off my ass and write somehting.. and share it.
      o and om

    • Agreed keep writing. Never spent a dime on Candy Crush, I think I only got to level 22, but I only enjoyed playing like level 14 over and over again. Now I have spent about $300 over say 4 years on YoVille, yeah I know. lol

    • thanks JV. trying to tell a bit about the screenplay but not tell anything about the screenplay. still hope the gist sounds tres tres tres exciting.
      i might post a few outtakes online in the coming days….
      but the segments read more like poetry than script..


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