Amazing animal pics: trailblazer

Dearest odyssians,


Hugs from o and om


8 thoughts on “Amazing animal pics: trailblazer

    • hi JV!! so glad you liked this :)
      getting a tremendous amount of planet energy right now. anything you can tell me about may 25 gemini female star alignment. im feeling real craaaazy energy and im not sure i like it…
      your guidance is most welcome.
      o and om

      • It’s likely because of Jupiter in Gemini. He’s in the last few degrees, so extra intense. Plus, the Sun, Merc (May), and Venus (May) were just in Gemini too. Jup moves into Cancer by Thursday, so things should settle some after that. The Full SuperMoon in Sag tonight/tom morning may accentuate things before things settle down. :-) Just flow with the energy. Could take you to interesting places (inside).
        I’ll do July tarotscope today now that the Sun is in Cancer.

      • wow. it was a rough ride indeed. but i came out alive. things have settled down. not completely. still a vast improvement. for now.
        let me look out for your july scope and see what the stars have deigned.
        lately ive been picking the queen of pentacles…
        any suggestions,
        your guidance, as always, appreciated….
        hugs, o and om

      • July Tarotscope is up! Queen of Pentacles is good…growth and prosperity through your own work. If you’d like an in depth astrology or tarot reading we can schedule a session. I can write it up or phone or Scype. My Sessions and Readings page has more info. Just checked…Queen of Pentacles fits well with July’s Tarotscope! It means you are on the right track! Yay!

      • oh thank goodness! the gods have spoken, and odie and i are listening…
        im checking july right now JV, and I will let you know about a session asap.
        o and om


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