beautiful animal landscape photos: dolphin deep

dearest odyssians,

we find ourselves facing the mysteries of this mysterious life once again- head on but head still in the clouds. deep within a blue ocean of uncertainty. the dolphin welcomes and used to such platitudes. odie, and i, are not.

we like things served up simple. on cue cards. numbered. labeled. easy to open. easy to use. even easier to digest. made for us to follow


we’ve been turning to the cards lately to determine everything from a blackhawks improbable game 6 win (by instinct, the cards said, the hawks would win game 6 versus the bruins- who would lose because of disorganizational breakdown) to more personal matters.

though given certain answers, nothing seems more settled in our hearts or minds. we are still desperately wishing for gods roadmap complete with google style gps and a big red star labeled “you are here” to fall into our laps as if poured  straight from heavens’ grand stars.. into our drinking cup.

might true wisdom, not clouded by human irrational, bless me more often than not?

what if odysseus could turn to me, and say in perfect english, with a faint Brooklyn accent “mama-heres the deal…” then he’d wax lyrical a bit about our ordained connection before launching, unabashedly, into a list of things i should do for ultimate success and happiness. all after saying, “be sure to write this down.”

and i would. so that tomorrow i would not forget his visions and truth. as ive been apt to forget the blessed words before.

mastery of the universe indeed.

alright. goodnight.

until the ‘morrow


the apple, carrot, beet, kale, ginger,  reverse osmosis, drinking pirate twins,

o and om.



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