Amazing nature landscapes:explosion of the miraculously beautiful

Dearest odyssians,


What miraculous beauty. …..
“Miracular spectacular” -odie
O and om


4 thoughts on “Amazing nature landscapes:explosion of the miraculously beautiful

  1. we love your blog and appreciate you post daily! yet we rarely see you dallying within the blogosphere. Come on over to my site some time and catch up! Hope Odie is doing better!


    • linda its all true! we’ve not done our part to visit your and other wonderful blogs on the sphere in the last few months. weve just been trying to maintain our blog in what seems like a losing battle at time. after long hectic days i find myself trying to spend time with odie and then fit the blog in. its become a minimalistic art… before crashing into pillows and shaded dream visions..get that nice lovely wonderful unique landscape picture up. get the clever titles. get the tags. get the categories. glance over spelling. hit send.
      its not the grand process that it was when we first started. but essential all the same. we cling to what we can perform.
      now for our reasons: weve been working tremendous hours (as material things have conquered our thoughts) and have become scattered (mind wise and everything else as well) in ways that keep up from our full devotion to the wordpress matrix. and everything else artistic. not sure where our commitment to many things that are essential for the soul, has gone. forgive us-for right now we cannot so forgive ourselves.
      on that harsh note of truth and moving forward.
      we always appreciate your support, in fact need your support, we love hearing from you, and hope you will continue to stop by. (ignoring for a moment that we are very late night bloggers just trying to keep it together enough to post daily blogs).
      glad for your company. always.
      o and om

      • Hi guys, I figured something like your description was at play, but wanted to check in since you have been laying very low. Hope Odie’s health is back and he’s enjoying his summer. Dexter sends his regards!


      • Thanks for understanding. And odie is well. Put him on a 30 day probiotic powder. Also hes on a brand of special wet food. And grammy has beem banned from giving him treats. She was killing him with love, we guess. Glad u and dex are well. Hugs. ..


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