beautiful sci-fi illustration landscape art: pure light rainbow **plus musings

dearest odyssians,

odie found another beautiful space/earth scape while surfing the matrix….

which lead me to thinking…

wouldnt it be great if we had pure white light rainbows on earth that looked like the one illustrated here?


we hope all of you are well. and we wish you a wonderful week ahead.

hugs o and om

**ps. watched escape from la starring kurt russell as the oh so “sexy” snake pliskin. i love the part where Snake masterfully drives a loaner surfboard atop a tsunami, side by side a haggard looking peter fonda, despite a massive leg injury. then snake somehow manages to launch himself onto the back of a red 1950s chevy convertible that steve buscemi (a nemesis) just happens to be driving along side this tsunami… all in the middle of a burned out l.a..

this particular scene has to be one of the best worst movie moments of all time. pure schlock.

and my fave quote..(compliments imdb)

“You might have survived Cleveland. You might have escaped from New York. But this is L.A., vato. And you’re about to find out that this fucking city can kill anybody!”

-cuervo jones.

**bonus points. this movie is set in 2013….. woah. and in the opening titles it flashes on the screen :






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