“more better good” and “less ugh ugh”: a fantasy tale from the land of the odyssians

In the land of odyssians the odysseus cats did play. they swung through the trees, hanging from the prickly spike vines that grew abound. they gathered up monkey brain sized meat fruits at their hearts leisure with eager paws. they prayed to their invisible sky leaders with calls of “more better good” and “less ugh ugh”- all in the hopes of having less misery and more bounty. They were given enough by their gods good graces.  enough was their content.

amazon rainforest waterfall via eyesofodysseus

Yet one cat could not be content despite the enough;  the monkey fruit meat was savory sweet as any sweet meet can be, plus the crystal water rains quenched all unmitigated thirsts with the occasional back scratch from a fellow cat far far down the precipice tree totem hit just the right places were not enough.  so she went to the place at the worlds end- where haze of the volcanic ash infused spicy spiced rum was manufactured in big broiling mechanized plants long ashore.  even this could not let her forget the lack abound. enough was not enough for this lone dreamer.   her thoughts remained as she remained, in longing.

she longed for more. the gods (of course) told her “wait”.


wait? she thought – she’d heard it all depressingly before. wait for what? wait to wait? wait for waiting?

“everything and all things.” the gods portained. “wait”

“sigh” – she sighed. for who can battle this cosmic effect vehicle.

“but” she questioned. rightfully.

protect-rainforest via eyesofodysseus

-this whole life seemed wait though, didnt it? and in the meanwhile and in the meanwhile again that followed forever in repetitum this life asks that you sacrifice yourself in incredible and uncomfortable ways. and sit back letting others decide those decisions best decided by yourself alone. and who’s to speak of our fair maiden destiny. especially when we are forced to not speak of it ourselves.

the cats in the trees did mew their misunderstandings…. and she ignored them. as was her singular duty.

-life asks that you do that which you forever are not wanting. in order to get those things that youve been wanting forever. a grand contradiction in ultimate absolute terms. what might this grand wheeled blue green space sphere telethon extract from you this day that you arent wanting to give? time. energy. devotion. faith. physicality. strength. independence. hope.


-o and om.


4 thoughts on ““more better good” and “less ugh ugh”: a fantasy tale from the land of the odyssians

  1. there is of course a happy ending to all of this… honestly i didnt want to this be just a post denoting/lamenting hardship- though upon first read i can see how it might seem so. odie and i now add that there are more than enough things to live for, and sacrifice for.. as is life’s destiny for all of us. a little give and a little take. balance=existence.
    -o and om


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