amazing cloud landscapes: cloud land

dearest odyssians,

welcome to cloud land.


o and om


5 thoughts on “amazing cloud landscapes: cloud land

  1. This is beautiful! I am assuming you took these from an aircraft. Glad to know there are others who click pictures on flights too, I took several pictures of the clouds on my way back from a holiday last weekend and had some weird looks from fellow passengers not like that stopped me :D ! My cloud landscapes resemble the plains though, I like how yours have mountains popping up here and there….Lovely shot :)

    • hi kg..
      just seeing your wonderful comment at this moment, so forgive us for not replying sooner. thanks for visiting our site and for sharing your personal take on plane photos; they aren’t easy to take, and its a shame people are so fearful nowadays that the minute they see someone taking pics they assume talented artists are spies or enemies of the state at high altitude. glad that didn’t slow you down!
      pls visit us again soon and we look forward to taking a peak at your blog.
      hugs, o and om

  2. Hello, o and om! I was simply wondering if I could use this picture in an art project that I’m working on! I’m creating a collage, and I’d love to use this as a background.

    • Hi Quinn. I do not own the Righta. To this pix. I think they may be noted in the caption or when you download the pic. If not, you can run the image through a reverse Google image search and see what comes up and who has thw Rights before posting. Thank you for asking, and good luck with your project.


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