12 thoughts on “Amazing cat photography: sunday with odie

    • hi gwennie-
      odies really hoping that you chose to do a painting of him…based on any of the pics that you liked.
      how can we help to further this art endeavor? first off… do you paint? odie can help/give pointers. hes quite accomplished himself.
      o and om

      • hi om ! If you don’ t mind, I’ll print some of odies pictures and go from there, I went to artschool and I used to paint with oil paint but at the moment I just don’t have time to work with oil paint so I draw and work with aquarel sometimes but I can start with scetches and take it from there, I see odie in my mind as a beautiful white cat against a beautifull blue background…..

      • Hi gwen,
        Not only do we not mind, we are ecstatic about the project. Rock on with full odyssian blessings ;)
        &share any results. We are happy to encourage you in this journey. ;)


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