Amazing nature Landscapes: and gods said…

Dearest odyssians,


Please enjoy these earthly blessings and gifts from those on highest high, our creators.

O and om*

*The spiritual, not religious,  h2o drinking (rum forgoing) pirate twins.  Ok. We confess. Just the most vital touch of pinot grigio graced our tongues &passed our lips tonite… dont tell odie grandma.


6 thoughts on “Amazing nature Landscapes: and gods said…

  1. Whoa! How beautiful is that! Really has one expecting trumpets and angels.

    (Oh, and I reckon grandma already knew the taste of a good drinkie, if she had any sense, that is.)

    Cheers to you. :)

    • hi a.d.e.-
      this pic is so beautiful i wonder if its even real. but then again, ive seen things and wondered about them being real…. such majestic sights to behold on this planet, indeed.
      odie grandma should understand, shouldnt she, if anyone could? glad to see you do
      ps. we love your writing :)

      • Thank you – what a wonderful thing to say! :) :) :)

        Re the sky sometimes – I so agree. Sometimes it’s so striking and you think, “If I painted that and got it perfect, people wouldn’t believe it accurate”.

        I do love the pictures you put up.


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