amazing landscape art: (what beauty looks like when) frozen forever

dearest odyssians,

im just loving this sci fi esq ice age landscape that we found in the matrix…

speaking of sci fi… im compiling a list of seminal sci fi films  that ill present soon. no time for this tonite as the list will be well thought out, funny as hell, and will blow away any competition lists like shwarznggrs shotgun in T2. the weary must rest. mommas super tired…

oh. but one quick question first. is tonite’s pic real or simulated?.. weve asked this before and the answer was that it was simulated. aka art…. and i think you guys were right. so heres us seeking your opinion on another pic that we had trouble decided exactly what it was. you odyssians are so good at this… **


o and om.

** the rum drinking pirate twins are sober and think this is a beautiful fake…we mean work of art.


12 thoughts on “amazing landscape art: (what beauty looks like when) frozen forever

  1. No – I think it’s real and the lens is a fish-eye lens. I think if it was faked, it would be smoother at the forefront. That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense – I just think it’s real.

    Fantastic, either way.

    Cheers to you both! :)

    • interesting… ive had another reader say they thought it was fake.. only because it would be so incredible to see a sight like this from earth. truth be told.. though its incredibly hard to make a call on this photos authenticity, i do have a deep seated hope that this was taken here on this planet. locale?- some once fire hot volcanic (now) icy frozen outpost in the land of? does such a place exist? could people or anything survive there. if not in reality, then perhaps in our dreams. and on our screens.

      • There are certainly places of awesome beauty on our planet. Unfortunately, a lot of people never leave the city they live in and don’t know such things. I still say it’s real. :)

  2. We anxiously ( well not anxiously) await your list! We love films and we love lists. But we reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally love when you write in your posts. The pics are always breathtaking but what drew Dexter in is your fine tuned brilliant mix of wit, profundity, irony, sarcasm, and provocatvity ( brand new word I think :) )

    I do ramble on, but you get the picture.


    l and d


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