Amazing nature landscapes: beach serene

Dearest odyssians,


We are pleased to present a lovely pic by gemma stiles. To see more of her work visit this site:
Good gosh we just think this pic is perfect!! :)
Happy friday-
Hugs, o and om

5 thoughts on “Amazing nature landscapes: beach serene

      • It certainly draws me and gives a sense of comfort – so in some ways, yes. While I don’t recognize the location, the overall freedom of Australian beaches (particularly in the non-inhabited areas) is probably what speaks to me the most – no footprints in the sand, you get the feeling that if the camera panned one way and then the other, it would show the same in both directions – utterly vacant (which may or may not be the truth, of course). :)

        I think such a picture calls more strongly because I currently live about 350 ks (over 200 miles) inland. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent a day on the beach.

        I do love the photos you put up from all around the world. You have a great eye for the spectacular.

        Cheers! :D


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