Nature photos as art: corridors in the blind of the woods

Dearest odyssians,

Version 2
4. Ghostly

5. Skys ablaze

6. Our fave.

7. A new take on b and w.

Eight, the great.

..notice that mysterious thing at the end of the corridor?  At first I thought it was figure. Odie took 1 quick look and assured me it wasnt .. upon closer inspection, i confirmed that he was correct.  But what it is Is still poetic. And to both of us Speaks volumes. …

Do u see it?

Extra credit :Which version(s) did you like best?
Xtra xtra: Why do I Keep blogging from my touchscreen cellphone? Arghhhhhhh. Typos, caca, auto correct, etc. A nightmare I tell you!
Tonites tmi: Also, this wp app is a steaming turd for android. Will Never upload my pics the proper way. Only put up 3 originally. Its 2013 wordpress people… get it together. After all, you have 1, i repeat 1, job to do.******* Do it!

In conclusion: **the mysterious thing was a utility pole. Poetic irony..Living trees leading to the one dead tree… carved by humans in such a way it resembles a still living tree. But sonehow reminded me of a lone human figure. Spooky.
Hugs,.o and om


10 thoughts on “Nature photos as art: corridors in the blind of the woods

  1. Some of these look amazing. I love the differences.

    I like number 3 very much, but my favourite is number 6 (it was only when looking back for the identifying number that I saw you’ve listed it as your favourite, too). :D


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