nature as art: the art of nature

dearest odyssians,

we are pleased to present another uniquely interesting landscape. our compliments to mother earth and the creator gods for this spectacular vision of beauty and perfection. happy saturday and sunday to all of you!

hugs, o and om


5 thoughts on “nature as art: the art of nature

      • There’s plenty of nature out there – many times over the size of civilization – animals, too. The world is much bigger than we realize, which is a thing forgotten when we travel so fast from city to city. People who spend all their lives in a city don’t see it, don’t know it, and worry too much. I do love the wilderness. I can never live in a city again now that I’ve touched on the merest edge of the real world.

        Amazing the concepts people have. Sad, too, a lot of them (the concepts, I mean).

        Cheers! :)


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