nature as art: concealed sunset

dearest odyssians,

concealed_sunsetsometimes those hidden things are the most beautiful..

remember to look for and find the inner beauty in your life


o and om


3 thoughts on “nature as art: concealed sunset

    • hi again a.d.
      im responding to all of your comments at once. sorry for the overload. what have you been up to?
      o and om
      -glad you always visit.. btw.
      ***also,we added you to our xtra special blog page. hopefully that sends some traffic your way. your blog and books are def worth the read :)

      • Oh wow! Thank you so much. That’s a lovely thing to say – and do.

        Extra hug for you! :D

        I’m working on my third book (“The Bastard Line”), due out next July. Sometimes blogging slows me up a bit (thinking up ideas and keeping things fresh), then I get behind writing the book, so I’ve been catching up with that – or trying to.

        I hope all is well with you and that you do manage to get at least the odd day of rest in. I do enjoy your blog and don’t want to lose it permanently due to fatigue.

        Take care. Hugs to you both.


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