amazing nature landscapes: nebulum (+ we missed you)

dearest odyssians,


whats on the horizon…?

storms or sleep… only odysseus can help us decide. i have a feeling hell say sleep. hes always right. as right as rain.

hugs, o and om

we were far away and missed you all terribly. hope to check up on all of your great posts in the next few days. happy early thanksgiving…


2 thoughts on “amazing nature landscapes: nebulum (+ we missed you)

  1. hi all. close your eyes if youre looking for warm and fuzzies. ive been off rum island for far too long, and we must kvetch at the technical shortcomings we could not surmount this eve… usually rum can dull the pain of the worst wordpress snags. but not these eve:
    tonite we dared blog from a wordpress app for chromebook. we were utterly disappointed to say the least. umm. fail city all around, so where do we start. fail 1. the ****Er runs in java script… a google/android fiasco that means i cant edit any photos i want to add to posts. arent posts about photos. why wouldnt this not be the first thing to create for the ** app??? really?
    faril 2. there are no categories to mark my post with.-what else should the app have??
    which leads to point 3. im still always agog (thats the right word, isnt it?) how bad wordpress is in the technical department. since the app knows my location and what im postin in an nsa big brother type manner i hope they get the following note. : your app blows. i still love my friends, followers, and other bloggers immensely. they keep me here. cuz your tech snafu caca certainly doesnt. fix now. then send me a 500$ google chrome store gift card- and one to all of my favorite bloggers who have had to deal with your nonsense, and have blogged about it. then you will be redeemed. and odie will have lots of cat food.
    -nuf said…
    nite all.
    -o and om.

    • well my my. somehow the app sent us to the real site located in the heart of the matrix, and we were able to update our blog with tags. still! still! know the app blows. still wishing for dreams about silver rums. and no… for those worried, we are not alcoholics. we would certainly admit it if we were. wouldnt we? odie?


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