beautiful nature landscapes: death’s flood

dearest odyssians,

badwater-basin-of-death-valleywhat a wonderful pic of death valley flooded…. this world is so unique- home to so many rare events, including.. life! such a spectacular place to call home in a vast universe of emptiness (with pockets of life -and the unseen-of course).


o and om




6 thoughts on “beautiful nature landscapes: death’s flood

      • Getting there in tiny increments, it feels like. That’s one of the reasons I like to crawl into one of your lovely tranquil pictures. :)

        I hope you’re feeling good and all is well.

      • But you’re getting there, which is a blessing. Trust me, I know. As for the escape to landscape, make room for 2 more. Odie and I will meet you there ! Someplace warm though, please. Its negative 1 trillion outside it feels. You get nfl games down there? Mondays bears vs cowboys telecast spoke it all…
        Hugs from up yonder way. An iced over O and om. ;)

      • Well, Australia is known for it’s love of sport, football included. I’m sorry to say I’m not a sport’s fan, though (a let down to all Australians, I’m sure).

        It is cold everywhere – they’ve just found an area in Antarctica that has broken the coldest place of Earth record since 1850 – at -137 degrees Fahrenheit!

        Rug up and stay in front of the fire. Cheers!


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