amazing nature landscapes: let the sun shine in

dearest odyssians,

cavern-raylet the sun shine in…. and break this cold. a painful bitter cold that burns the skin and makes one think it will be easier once forever asleep. no encouraging words here… sorry. just want to leave this forsaken town forever… only to return during summer.


o and om




6 thoughts on “amazing nature landscapes: let the sun shine in

    • hi blue..
      hope all is well. and still warmer down south. supposed to be negative digits here again tomorrow. plus some snow. i knew when i returned here i would face the ice blown miseries of this town. i ignored the fact and now face the pain. looks like miami is calling my name. believe it or not, san fran, l.a., cali in general are not warm enough for what im looking for. full tilt tropics, humidity, and active animal life abound. snakes flying roaches and gators be damned..i headed down that way.
      you ever been? will o and om like it?
      o and om.

  1. The cold is not good. I don’t mind it if there is plenty of firewood and I can keep warm, otherwise, it’s hard to get going in the morning. Not just fingers, but my brain, as well.

    Take care of yourself. You are important.

  2. The photos are so beautiful, but I hate the cold. Very hot day here yesterday in Queensland and not much rain lately. I don’t like it really hot either!

    • Thanks! I totally agree about the weather. For me, I love when its hot and it rains. And i love when its about 80 degrees f. Everything else is all a little too this or too that. Stay ambient and visit us again soon. Well keep posting pics and complaints about the winter in the meanwhile ;)
      Hugs, o and om


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