6 thoughts on “Amazing nature landscapes: birds return

    • Dearest a.d!! Merry merry xmas from the rum twins to you & yours!. Will you be imbibing spiced wine this season?
      Hows everything rocking and rolling for you down there? Or have we had our directions wrong all along and you guys are up and we are down?
      Good to hear frok you, regardless of our directional relation to this grand universe.. our convos always cheer us up/help right the ship…as does rum. Trying to find hot buttered for the holiday. Will let u know if we are successful.
      O and om

      • Ooh, I do like a good spiced wine. This Christmas is shaping up to be very hot this year, so it will more likely be cold beer, which is already in the fridge. We did get some scotch (but forgot the dry), and also some gin and tonics, which is always nice.

        Yes, we are prepared for all season. Sounds like you are too. I hope you are successful in your quest. :)


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