Amazing nature landscapes:falling into place

Dearest odyssians,


Its almost the end of the year and Odie and i Hope your 2013 is coming into positive perspective through retrospect. Odie muses that its So human to pause and take stock at an agreed upon time written on a calendar each year. I told him we upright primate relatives do so because its hard for us to live in the present. We also love to regret prior decisions/in decisions and worry about decisions/indecisions we have yet to make.
Therefore we find sentimental ways to mentally break with our past and build anew in the future – we set goals and analyze which ones we missed, accomplished, and exceeded by this predetermined deadline in order to feel better temporarily. We also like any excuse to drink copious amounts of rum and other kinds of alcoholic beverages for less discerning tastes -his words, not mine!

“The needing another reason for drinking rum I understand. The word deadline, no. Its So ominous a word.” -odie
“I agree. Our mortality compels us to design such words that portray event horizons. ” – odiemama
“Im mortal too and i can tell you Its not mortality thats pressing your species.” -odie
“Then what is?”
“Ill leave you to think about it.” -odie

What did 2013 mean to you? What does odie mean?
Hugs & happy early 2014. We say this now as the rum and coke no lime please fueled pirate ship we sail on tomorrow might not have good enough “reception” to blog from.

O and om


12 thoughts on “Amazing nature landscapes:falling into place

  1. Happy New Year to this dynamic duo Odie/ OM! You both added so much sparkle and whimsy this year to both Dex and me. Dex is still intermittently squealing over his profile on your blog :)

    much love,

    l &d

    • L and d, aka starlight Captain and celestial commander!
      We hope you had a lovely new years and we hope 2014 is everything you want it to be. Lets see what the cards have in store ;) Thank you for all of your support this past year and for your amazing blog.
      Hugs and love,
      Your cocaptains in blogville
      O and om.

      • Hi. Captain is 1 rank above commander. You and dex may discuss or flip a coin depending how things work out as to who is who.
        Odie and I decided to call ourselves co captians for most purposes, but I am the general of cat pans, food getting and decanning, claw trimming, and back scratching. Odie is admiral of love bites, chin nuzzles, and butt meets carpet drag down. the last title is honorary and bears no accompanying medals. We both prefer it that way. Ps. Check your mailbox.
        O and om.

      • We enjoyed your year in review. It was a fab 2013 in the wordpress and real universe gor the captain L and commander D. So much has happened. Lots of awakening and growth for you, congrats!# & lots of sharing ; )
        We also like that you mentioned finding an interesting pirate rum duo (ie the rum drinking pirate twins) in blogville.
        Lets see how 2014 rolls itself out on the universal cogwheel. Should be a great year ; )
        O and om -still sailing, with paws firmly grasped upon the bacardi and upon dreams


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