Amazing nature landscapes: the hide of sin

Dearest odyssians,
I am lost. Even in a world with extensive amounts of bacardi…


Please don’t take this as a negative blog. It’s positive because We just want to mention some thoughts that came to mind :
Remain true to yourselves,  despite your selves.
O and om
Hiding in the shade , realizing plain truth.  Fighting for the light.

5 thoughts on “Amazing nature landscapes: the hide of sin

  1. Dude there is lots of ugliness around at the moment incl. what we are digging up in ourselves. It’s o.k. it is the part of the healing process. People like you and Odie, keep reminding us that there is also much beauty. Namaste.

    • Hi hg.
      Yes, lots. Some sort of depressing energy vortex (and artic cold vortex) dragging on us. Doesnt help that om, the general of cat pans and claw trimming, got sick for the first time in a long time. Ugh. But I will be posting beauty beauty and more beaut y from Now on to help us remember Wher e we’ve come from, and where we are headed (summer).
      Stay strong and positive hg!! I need you on this journey ;)
      Hugs, o and om

      • Sending you both healing energy, I hope you get better soon. Sorry to hear of all that big freeze. Wish I could send you some of the outrageous heat we’ve been having down south here.
        We’ve had some rain and cooler temps down here last couple of days, which is a relief.
        You would find lots of beauty here. 1,000s of beautiful straight trees, a dam for all the wildlife and a pair of cheeky red and green King parrots eating seed on the deck.
        summer not too far away now for you xx

      • Oh how we wish we were there.. sippin rum cocktails and soaking in the warm breeze… not too warm though. Sorry to hear about your heat wave. We are sending cooler healing temps your way. Also. . Thanks for your healing blessing. Well have this cold bug killed in 2 days time…
        O and om


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