amazing nature landscapes: sadness upon the seas

dearest odyssians,

we interrupt our blog’s usually irreverent positivity to announce that there is a riot upon our seas… we pray for the dolphins (and other animals) being hauled to their heart wrenching slaughter at the hands of those who walk on 2 legs…. it pains us so to read this truth.

Read more about the dolphin tragedy here.. if you can bear it

to the pod we send spiritual hugs, eternal blessings, peace. to the dead we pray for your everlasting comfort in the afterlife. for those kept alive, may your final days be not hell. remember- your lives were not in vain. you are not side dishes or a side show entertainment. you are beautiful and intelligent and kind. most of us humans do know that. I’m sorry you’ve been treated this way by people who do not represent us as a whole. in your last moments i know that does little… for it is the terrible few that have wrought this.

o and om


One thought on “amazing nature landscapes: sadness upon the seas

  1. That is heart breaking news….so sad for the dolphins. Most Australian people hate the Japanese whaling in our waters. Not the individuals, but the act of destroying these creatures supposedly for “scientific” purposes.
    As a nation we totally support the brave and dedicated Sea Shepherd activists and feel much anger and horror at images of the annual whale slaughter by greedy companies.
    I think one small way we as individuals can make a statement of our abhorrence is to boycott Japanese products as I have done for a long time.


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