amazing nature landscapes: magic sky (surreal sea)

dearest odyssians,

magic sky orange cloud via eyesofodysseu

sometimes photos look like dreams…. actually this photo looks better than the crazy dreams I’ve been having. hopefully the muses will send something like this sooner than later. no more rock stars with killer pets, no more texas chainsaw mom and son families in broken down crazy mad houses (that i have to kill before they kill me.) hey, all i know is that in dream world I’m real handy with a sharp pair of scissors and a cleaver. phew… :)


o and om

p.s. is this photo real or fake? any takers? blue?? linda?

6 thoughts on “amazing nature landscapes: magic sky (surreal sea)

    • Ummm.. odie thinks dex does the blogging as over here in odie land I do the scratching (of his back when he asks. And my head when he puzzles me with his crazy cat behavior.) Let me hurry up and post this before he sees it.
      O and om


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