Amazing landscape photography: after the darkest hour

Dearest odyssians,
Really really looking forward to summer….
And I really really like this picture. Something mysteriously interesting about the 2 people facing away from 1 another. Are they familiar strangers?

“Ask the bird. The bird knows… The bird always knows.” – odie.
“And you yourself are always the sagacious hairless cat. how bout that?”- odie mama
“What does sagacious mean? Haaa! just kidding. Gotcha! Of course I know what it means. Now if I share one more pearl of wisdom can I have a cat treat?” – odie
“Of course.” -odie mama
“If you clean the catpan now you wont have to do it later.” – odie
“Oh yes ive heard that one before. Its kind of like the cat owners version of ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. But since I like to procrastinate ill do it later despite knowing better. Heres a treat for your wisdom all the same” -odie mama
“No. I mean you might want to clean it now. Seriously. Thats all ill say about it since this is a public forum. Though I do love those treats they arent without consequences.” -odie
“Ooohhh. Thanks for the heads up. And the tail down.” -odie mama
“Yep. But you better not ration my rewards. This is a team effort.” Odie
“Thats what terrifies me! ;)” – odie mama

Keep it clean this spring odyssians and those tails down.
O and om

5 thoughts on “Amazing landscape photography: after the darkest hour

    • Fixed it!! Pressed some fancy option where pic was supposed to be featured. Umm. Yeah. WordPress app still as archaic as ever.. or maybe odie shouldn’t be making our technical decisions.
      Thanks for headsup
      O and om


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